2017 Devils Lake Cottagers Association AGM

Ah yes, another Labour Day long weekend is upon us and the scramble is on for the cottage!

While all the hustle and bustle is going on preparing for the cottage, some members of our association are hard at work bringing everything together for our Annual General Meeting. Just like the holiday, our AGM arrives on the Sunday of the holiday long weekend and we will be cooking up a storm for our members who attend. Regretfully this event is closed to the general public.

Please be advised we will be operating our fire pump on the shore and recommend you maintain a safe distance away, please be thoughtful about your wake as there will be numerous boats either pulled up on shore or tied together. If you are a cottager but are not yet a member of the association we encourage you to stop by, see what we are all about and membership is open to any cottager or land owner(s) in the area that wish to gain the support and provide support to an organization that is for the people and protection of the area.

As always as well we remind everyone not to drink and drive, be mindful of traffic conditions and weather conditions. Be respectful on the water and towards the natural wildlife. Ensure you have sufficient water/safety measures in place if you will be dealing with fire or fireworks.

Have a great long weekend!


2020 AGM - Improvise!

With the unique situation of a global pandemic, a little improvisation is needed!

To ensure proper health protocols are followed and yet meeting the quorum requirements of the association, we have opted for a flotilla option. Of course masks are still recommended but families are able to keep their distance and we are able to meet in person to accomplish our AGM. This year has been full of challenges and stressful moments and it is nice to know that our AGM will help keep a little "normal" in a very crazy year. We will also be broadcasting privately into our facebook group for those who are unable to attend or wishing to remain home/at the cottage. It should be noted that the internet will undoubtedly be spotty for cellular service and likely somewhat spotty for those at the cottage, although we should be well aware of the low infrastructure. 

We are looking forward  to providing updates on many topics/issues and addressing new concerns as well. Please be safe and take care during these trying times.


New Year, New Look!

As we enter into the early months of 2021, timing seemed perfect to readdress our website and knock a few "To Dos" off the list.

Due to continuously changing software requirements, updates to various tools, etc. our old template had run its course and seemed a little outdated as well. The new template provides some marvelously dynamic features like a rotating image gallery on the home page, brief news runner beneath that and a cleaner look that is visually appealing. Along with the beautiful visuals come many unseen features like supporting search engine optimizations, updated software, increased security and many functional items for performing various tasks. 

The most notable and useful additions will be unseen to the general public but will serve our members privately by providing a repository for various association documents/history, newsletter functionality, internal discussions, and many more to list. A website can also be a very helpful tool for those who properly utilize it.

All the best and be safe.


Spring and Victoria Day Long Weekend

Welcome to spring folks and feel the anticipation for the long weekend? I do! 

Hopefully everyone has kept safe and in good health during the off season. As some folks may be opening up their cottages and for some moving up for the season, we would be in error if we didn't remind folks of the COVID restrictions and policies surrounding us currently. Please follow all protocols and exercise good judgment. Please consult local health networks for information. 

Also please remember that parking will likely be a mad show, please ensure efficient parking and good etiquette. Mark your vehicles so our friends (the park staff) can distinguish us from visitors. Please also review some safety documents on the site here pertaining to parking safety, fire safety and so forth.

Be safe everyone and enjoy!



High Fire Status

High Fire Status - Please Limit Outdoor Burning!
• All fine dead fuels ignite readily and fires start easily from most causes.
• Unattended brush and campfires are likely to escape.
• Fires spread rapidly and short distance spotting is common.
• High intensity burning may develop on slopes or in concentrations of fine fuels.
• Fires may become serious and their control difficult unless they are attacked successfully while small.
• Extreme caution must be used in any burning activities.
• Burning permits and industrial activities may be restricted, call before you burn.
• All fires must be enclosed and contained, ensure that your fire is out by soaking it, stirring it and soaking it again, the fire is out when it is cold to the touch.