The Devils Lake Cottagers Association was formed legally in August 30th 1979, comprised of some of the longest cottaging families on the lake at the time. The purpose of the association is to unite registered owners of lands on the lake for the purpose of dealing with Government, organizations or agencies on problems of one or more members, when required to do so.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to include such matters as follows:

  1. The protection of water resources from pollution of any kind.
  2. The conservation and increase of fish and game, and the wise use of resources.
  3. To aid all agencies in the control of pests and noxious weeds.
  4. In the preservation and growth of trees, shrubs, and wild flowers.
  5. To cooperate with other provincial, regional and local organizations which have goals similar to these of the Devils Lake Cottagers Association.
  6. To do such other things as may be deemed necessary or advisable to further the interests of the members.

With Queen Elizabeth II Provincial Park having been formed, the duties and responsibilities of the Association has reached an all-time high. The increased visitor traffic from all over now pose a risk to not only the water, but also the wildlife and vegetation. We continue to work positively and constructively with the Park staff to ensure that the area is kept in good order and that everyone is respecting the lake and its natural wonders.